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"Natural Artisan Cheeses • Fine Accompaniments • Party/Gift Platters"

It's Just Cheese - Enjoy!

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Gift of Cheese Shipping Rate

We’ll ship any of our Gift Platters anywhere in the Continental United States for just $9.99

Gift of Cheese features all natural, artisanal, affordable cheeses from all over the world!  We are your online source for gourmet cheeses and specialty foods placed together for that perfect party platter shipped right to your front door.  From local goat cheese to Wisconsin’s Curds to Italy’s one-and-only Parmigiano-Reggiano and many other points around the globe, we found skilled and passionate traditional, artisan cheese makers  to share their life’s work with you.

mac-recipeInstead of flowers or for your next party; birthdays, weddings, newborns, corporate gifts, or a quiet evening at home, Gift of Cheese makes everyone happy!

At Gift of Cheese we think your happiness is the most important asset we have! We can ship our cheeses and plates nationwide to be delivered fresh to your door!  Want us to make a custom plate for you?  Unsure what cheese to serve with wine, beer, or certain foods?  No problem, just give us a call or pick your cheeses online.   We are happy to make recommendations for you!  If you’re in the area, come by our store and browse our cheeses!  We have made it so easy for you to order from Gift of Cheese: start your online shopping below or come in and visit our gourmet cheese shop.

Let’s Shop!

Easily choose from one of our cleverly named platters below or we can make a custom plate just for you!  Simply choose the cheeses you want to include and accompaniments or tell us what you will be serving or drinking, we will be happy to recommend something wonderful!  Our Party Plates each include two 11” natural, bamboo plates and 3 cheese spreaders/knives, perfect for serving cheeses! PULL THE BOW AND YOU’RE READY TO GO!

For parties of 20 or more, we recommend 2 platters.

Dutch Duo

plate-dutchduoRembrandt Gouda, Red Wax Gouda, Fig Spread & Natural CrispBread ... More Info »
Price: $29.00

Swiss Dish

plate-swissGot Fondue? Emmentaler, Gruyere, Jarlsberg and CrispBread ... More Info »
Price: $42.00

Fromage a Trois

plate-formageFeeling Frisky? Mimolette, Port Salut, Morbier and Natural CrispBread Crackers More Info »
Price: $32.00

To Brie or Not to Brie (Camembert)

plate-tobrieFor the poetic and the brie enthusiast. More Info »
Price: $29.00

Red, White and Blue Plate

plate-redwhiteblueMade in the USA never tasted so good! More Info »
Price: $37.00

Tailgate Plate

plate-tailgateMeat, Cheese, Beer...need we say more! Salami, Maytag blue ... More Info »
Price: $40.00

Maytag Blue Cheese

Blue cheeseStill handmade in Iowa, smooth Blue. More Info »
Price: $11.99

Jarlsberg Cheese

jarlsbergMade with skim milk, perfect for fondue! More Info »
Price: $8.99


gruyereCave aged! Gruyere is salty and nutty - almost beefy tasting. More Info »
Price: $14.99


mimoletteFrench cheddar known for it's intense carmelized sweetness! More Info »
Price: $7.99

Manchego Cheese

MachegoWedgeMade in La Mancha, Spain from the milk of Manchega breed of sheep. More Info »
Price: $11.99